Staying connected through Corvid-19

For anyone looking to find creative ways to stay connected, reconnect, or reach out to friends and loved ones, we’ve pulled a few of the top apps and website options for you to stay visually and socially connected. It’s important for everyone to play their part to protect themselves and others from this virus, andContinue reading “Staying connected through Corvid-19”

We could have been anything that we wanted to be; and still can!

Some cheesy inspiration from an old classic. If you read any of my posts you will know that I like to challenge us to think big. In light of my recent relocation I am reminded by this wonderful clip that we can be anything we want to be, and that we will be remembered forContinue reading “We could have been anything that we wanted to be; and still can!”

What London and life is teaching me

It’s official I’ve finally made the leap out of the country and into the city; from Glasgow to London to be precise. I’ve been horrendously bad at blogging over the past… cough… Two months; but with good reason. All that shuffling and waffling aside, it’s safe to say I have now arrived in London andContinue reading “What London and life is teaching me”

Holding life lightly

In the absence of blogging life has been teaching me a fair few tricks, hints, and lessons. I’ve been relentlessly applying to jobs, setting objectives, goals and doing everything I can to move towards them, whilst being party planner and bridesmaid to a lifelong friend. I find every day is different in someway, with oneContinue reading “Holding life lightly”

The oyster and the pearl

I stumbled across a website called How Stuff Works, which explains how pearls are formed in the Oyster to produce the beautiful pearl that is etched onto our chains, earrings and bracelets. I have mentioned the story before, in brief, but being the curious kitten that I am I have delved a little deeper inContinue reading “The oyster and the pearl”

You’ve got talent; use it.

If you haven’t witnessed Jack Carroll yet, let me introduce you… I love when he said; “In comedy, a lot of the time, you’re weaknesses are your strengths.” I believe this is true for many areas in life; that every hardship, difficulty, and disappointment in life can be turned to work itself back together for ourContinue reading “You’ve got talent; use it.”

The tell tale signs of a girls diary

Being the writer that I am, I have many notepads, books, pens and a whole cupboard filled with diaries through-out my life. I am forever being mocked, and continue to this day being known for my stationery filled handbag – you never know when or where my next idea will strike, and I like toContinue reading “The tell tale signs of a girls diary”

My chocolate affair

After weeks of forming a relationship with chocolate. White chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate; I have decided that it’s time to part ways. I know it may be hard. Especially with my newly found heavenly combination of white chocolate with peanut butter, and 70% dark chocolate – which I am told is good forContinue reading “My chocolate affair”

Finding the treasure in your day

When your day doesn’t work out as planned and everything goes Pete Tong; there’s one thing you should keep in mind. Tomorrow is another day, and today is the day of new beginnings! When you respond to a situation in a way you regret, when that business deal didn’t work, or the job interview youContinue reading “Finding the treasure in your day”