Unexpected gains

What do you do when life throws you a curveball in the middle of a snowstorm? Do you run? Do you cry? Do you throw yourself to the ground and give up? We all have a flight or fight option within us that kicks in when the unexpected happens. When the avalanche descends, and weContinue reading “Unexpected gains”

We could have been anything that we wanted to be; and still can!

Some cheesy inspiration from an old classic. If you read any of my posts you will know that I like to challenge us to think big. In light of my recent relocation I am reminded by this wonderful clip that we can be anything we want to be, and that we will be remembered forContinue reading “We could have been anything that we wanted to be; and still can!”

What London and life is teaching me

It’s official I’ve finally made the leap out of the country and into the city; from Glasgow to London to be precise. I’ve been horrendously bad at blogging over the past… cough… Two months; but with good reason. All that shuffling and waffling aside, it’s safe to say I have now arrived in London andContinue reading “What London and life is teaching me”

Don’t manage, lead.

Some recent events sparked the following thought, which led to the tonight’s blog. If you like the thought, or have something to add, leave a comment below and let’s get social. Don’t be a passive consumer! Let’s take the reins and lead together, or not.  Why try to manage life, when you can lead. I’veContinue reading “Don’t manage, lead.”

A Mother’s Day Post

What a super week! From Oreo Cookie day, to World Book today, to International Woman’s Day. I have laughed, smiled, almost cried and had the BEST time celebrating this week. However, today, is a day that is really special. Today is the day we celebrate the beautiful woman in and around our world. A woman’sContinue reading “A Mother’s Day Post”

What does your environment say about you?

Today’s observation is again extracted from a personal experience. Two words: Language and Environment It astounds me how quickly we absorb the culture around us. Culture in our work place, in our peer group. We become who we are around. Now this is not a newsflash to me, but knowing and understanding something are twoContinue reading “What does your environment say about you?”

Merry Christmas!!!!

Like the title says, Merry Christmas everybody!! Thank you for following this blog in 2012. Not only are we celebrating Christmas at The Social Exchange, but it’s our first birthday too!! What a  year it has been. This year I have left one job, started a business, got serious about finishing my novel and becameContinue reading “Merry Christmas!!!!”

The power of choice

Watch this powerful music video by Rudimental. It’s a powerful and moving story of how our choices can lead us on two very different paths. Which leads me to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter how you start in life, it matters how you finish. Every day we make choices that affect our tomorrow, whichContinue reading “The power of choice”

Start Small, Think Big

So in the interest of sharing, helping and learning myself I thought I’d share my early morning doodle, in preparation for the week ahead. I honestly believe that if you don’t already think like this, then this will add great value to you; And if you do, well there’s no harm in being reminded, andContinue reading “Start Small, Think Big”