Advice to get started in digital marketing 2020.

From speaking at SYP_Oxford last year I’ve had a few questions around digital marketing and how to get started with a career in social media marketing. I love to help answer your questions so do keep them coming. Here’s my top three tips and advice for anyone looking to get started in digital marketing this year.

Discovering your passion

Have you ever looked at the end result of someone’s life you look up too, but fail to see how to make that happen for us. I find the trouble with this approach to finding one’s passion means that when things do go the way we planned we become disappointed. There is also the possibilityContinue reading “Discovering your passion”

Talking point: Knowledge isn’t enough.

Being knowledgable in an area, or skill is only the first step to gaining success, or significance within that field. Anyone can bluff their way round a topic, and get by with reading a few articles here and there, and taking it as their own. It may sound good, and many will be happy toContinue reading “Talking point: Knowledge isn’t enough.”

We are a product of our thoughts.

If we think small, we’ll achieve small. If we think big, we achieve big. Sounds simple, right. Yet, even in the knowledge that this is true, we can still find ourselves going in a direction that we really don’t want to be heading in, or getting into situations that cause a stir and send outContinue reading “We are a product of our thoughts.”

Character shaping success

People are scared of failing, but the only thing that stops people from achieving their goal most often, or not is themselves. When we keep in mind that failure can be the springboard for success, and believe this to be true; ultimately we are setting ourselves up to achieve. If you truly want to achieveContinue reading “Character shaping success”

A leader never stops following

The level at which you follow, will determine the level of which you will lead. A leader never stops following. The capacity of leadership on your life doesn’t really matter. Whether you’re leading an international organisation, raising a team, or raising a child at home. This statement affects every level of leadership. Who are youContinue reading “A leader never stops following”

Now this is what I’m talking about…

Creativity isn’t limited to the job we do, this guy illustrates yesterday’s post so well. Here is someone who loves what they do; It really doesn’t matter where we are in our career, whether we’re living our dream yet, or not. How innovative can you be with where your at, on the road to whereContinue reading “Now this is what I’m talking about…”