2 time saving social media tools for your toolbox

We are all stretched for time these days, so I thought I’d give you a few tips on how to manage and maximise your social media marketing efforts. There are a few different options, and depending on how many channels you have etc it will vary, but if you have a few channels then you may not even need to pay for these services either.



This app allows you to schedule posts to your social media channels, and gives you the option to pull content from your blog via a RSS feed and Buffer will distribute this for you at the most effective time too. You can choose where you want it to send your blog posts, how far back on your blog it should go, and also has an analytical feature that tracks post engagement for you. This has become a fast favourite of mine. I had downloaded this app a few months back, and even attached it’s instant buffer button to my browser as a chrome extension.

The instant buffer button I’m talking about here allows you to repost a useful website you come across that you may want to tweet out to your followers. I can’t get enough of this app.


The only thing is that you can’t include your Instagram feed to this, so that would still have to be managed by you. However, that doesn’t need lots of work providing you have the images in a bank ready to go. Apparently Buffer say this is due to a restriction of access by the platform.  I am surprised by this given that the image sharing app is owned by Facebook.

You have to sign up to the Awesome account if you want to include more than two channels on this account, and also if you want to add the RSS feed which I listed as a pro above. Still, it’s only around £70 per year, or if you prefer to do it monthly and cancel anytime, then it will cost you just under £7 per month. You can trial it for a week, and if you have a team looking after your account you may want to look into the Buffer for business option.


2. Hootsuite

Pros:  This is mainly a social media dashboard, but it’s one of the best. It allows you to suck all your social media networking platforms into one big window, and gives you the choice of which feeds you would like to monitor. Imagine, no more having to switch in and out of apps, or have 10 different tabs open at once. This is a great way to oversee what people are saying in your industry too, or about your campaign. You can open a feed and run a search for a particular event that is happening live, or follow a trending hashtag on Twitter.  I remember back in the day when the options seemed to be Hootsuite or Tweet Deck. In my opinion, Hootsuite is better because it allows you to schedule up to 50 posts ahead of time. However, for the price of an upgrade you can post to Instagram too, and do a bulk upload of content posts too. Yes, that’s right. A bulk upload, which means all you have to do is list your posts and desired time in a CSV file (Comma Separated Values) and it will schedule them for you.

Cons: You now have to pay to stream more than three platforms. This is a real shame as they used to let you load more than two, but I guess everyone is trying to monetise these days. The free account, which is really what I’ve been talking about in this post has limited analytics, so you’ll definitely want to pull stats and check the performance of your content or campaigns on a few different platforms.


Alright guys! I have to run, but just a few tips and thoughts for you on how to save time with two of my favourite social media tools.

Till Friday!


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