Ponder, and plan

I am so excited about the future; as we bring 2013 to a close and push into a new year, I’m already thinking about what kind of things I would like to see in my life, in 2014. I wonder if you’ve started thinking about next year, or if you are currently focussed on the current project, or moment in time. Whilst it’s good to be able to live in the present, I also believe it’s good to have one eye on your dream, and be working daily towards achieving success in both. 

There is so much opportunity, but living in London it’s easy to become consumed with ‘chasing ones tail’ so to speak, and filling time with everything and anything. I’m now learning to spot the trend and excuses that have kept me from fulfilling some of my goals, and I’m glad to be sharing this thought with you today that will hopefully help you avoid similar pitt holes. 

1. Never dwell on the past – simply learn from your mistakes, and make the adjustments. If you’ve taken something on that has overwhelmed you, or hasn’t turned out quite as you expected, then see it as a learning curve and move on. 

The greatest failure is the one who experiences a fall, but never gets back up. 

2. Live with your purpose in mind – It’s way too easy to become consumed by all kinds of useless facts. Living with your dream, or vision in mind, I believe, is the key to achieving.

“A man without a vision is a man without a future. A man without a future will always return to his past.”

3. Value time – This links in with the previous to points, but I find that I need to be reminded of this often. We have enough time to do what we need to do, but we also have ample opportunity to get distracted and to waste the time that we have. It’s important to take time to think about what we’re spending our time on, who with, and where it’s leading us. 

Time is a currency that we can’t exchange, so spend it wisely.

Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

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