My Ferrero Rocher Easter egg

Post Happy Easter to you all! I hope you had a fantastic weekend whatever you did with it. After my brief trip to the city of love, last week – no, not Paris. I am referring to London. My weekend consisted of writing, catching up with friends for a natter and a coffee, church on Sunday, and a super happy and relaxing Easter Monday.

Normally, I don’t do Easter eggs unless it involves boiling hard eggs and decorating them; but not rolling them down a hill. I could never understand why anyone would want to spend hours decorating an egg just to watch it crack open, and then be forced to put it in the bin. Or take part in the biggest, coolest Easter egg treasure hunt ever! …Sadly I haven’t participated in any of the above events in years. I don’t really eat Easter eggs. Well, that was until I discovered the Ferrero Rocher Easter egg! It’s amazing!! Finally, I discovered an Easter egg that rocked my world from the boring plain old hollow chocolate shells that they mass produce and throw in a fancy package, with a well-known brand of chocolate, and con everyone into believing that it’s extra special chocolate. I’m not fooled easily. Anyway that’s just my opinion. Of course, I’m always open to discussion about these things, so feel free to chip in and defend your favourite Easter egg, should you so desire.

Back to my point. This extra special Easter egg, which as you can see from the picture is one big giant Ferrero Rocher – minus the chocolate and hazelnut center, tastes and smells just as you would expect. How cool is that? 😀 When I think back to the days where kids would compare their collection of Easter eggs off one another. Entering into a competition of how many Easter eggs one could muster, what kind they were – rubbish ones, or good ones – whoever defined where each egg fell I’ve yet to discover. Still, I remember at one point collecting nine Easter eggs and sitting them in a row on top of my wardrobe; and like a trophy treasure cabinet I would watch them melt into mould. At the very most I may have eaten a chocolate bar, or two if I thought one of them was decent enough. I guess I wasn’t much of a chocolate fan when I was a kid. Still, this one Easter egg that has found its way onto my lap this evening is almost half eaten; and THAT says a whole lot of something … I’ve changed.

Meet the egg that rocked my Easter:


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