When the storm hits

I love taking stories and messages that help me, and will hopefully help other people, from ideas and experiences like the one I’m about to share with you.

What do you do when the storm hits? Have you ever experienced a storm in your life, when all hell feels like it’s breaking lose and you just don’t know what’s going on, but you do everything you know to do to stay upbeat and positive without really knowing the outcome?

Many struggling businesses during the recession, I would imagine, would have felt the concerns and heavy weight upon their shoulders in many ways – much like the force of gale force winds in stormy weather.

*N.B A storm is created when the low pressure, meets the high pressure – it is the combination of both opposing forces that forms it’s shape.

A storm is never brewed from just one factor, in fact there are often many. So what should we take away in light of all of this that will help stay afloat next time the boat rocks?

Presuming that you are in a boat, (the boat being your ideas, beliefs  and value system that keep you floating above sea level) the first thing you must do is;

1. Prepare for sail – I’m not a sailor, but I do understand that you need to get some resistance going to provide enough stability, to steer through the storm.

Don’t put of what you can do today. Preparation is key in every season. Imagine walking into winter with your swimming trucks, or bikini on… you’d freeze! Or walking into summer with your UGG boats, five jackets and three hats! Ok, if you were Scottish you might still wear this, but generally two jackets would be sufficient. Joke.

I do hope you are getting the picture though…

Not only is there a timing and season, but there is are a number requirements within our business that we must be aware of, and prepare for ahead of time to avoid paying a higher cost (i.e. your tax return would be a perfect example here).

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