You are what you eat.

No this isn’t about food, but hopefully it will provide some good nutrition to your life.

The idea of you are what you eat, also stems from you are what you think, you are what you believe. What you say about you, and your company and your role has more impact on the reality of your circumstances more than you know.

Now I’m not saying to become crazy about everything you say, and think, but I am saying we must be aware of it and just as too much junk food is bad for the human body. Too much junk thinking and speaking is bad for life on a whole.

It’s worth nothing that change always starts with you. It always starts on the inside too. Yes, that remains true even when you don’t like your boss because they’re being mean to you, or you feel mistreated by someone, or life. The hard knocks are a guaranteed. Life is a journey full of bumps, bends and turns, but the decision to stay on course is ours and ours alone. You can choose to be affected and consumed by the ‘junk’ that’s in front of you right now, or you can decide to eat differently even if that means holding your tongue, or waiting for a set time to ensure you are feeding yourself good food.

Bit of a brain dump today, but hopefully I’ve at least got you thinking. It’s much more positive and healthy for your body to speak well of things, than to constantly be complaining and moaning. Decide to change your outward appearance today, by changing your inward appearance first.

You are a reflection on the outside, of who you are inside.

Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

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