Are you where you want to be in life?

I came across the video below through a friend’s Facebook page. I wanted to highlight it, as it inspired me to think about the things in life that I value? We are not just human doers; we are human beings and in order to be who we are, we must know what that looks like. Sounds simple, but it’s shocking how many of us don’t know this stuff because if we did, then our lives would look pretty different from what they look like now.

Now don’t get me wrong, sometimes live takes twists and turns, and some things cannot be undone, but I’m not focusing on the end result as much as trying to get myself and you (if you so desire) to think about your life each day and reassess your priorities in life. Who says we need to be in an industry for 40 years and that is what makes us a success? It’s only a success if it was your decision in the first place, but far to often we make decisions based on fear.

‘What will that person think if I…’

‘But what if I take a step and it doesn’t work…”

‘What if…’

‘What if…’

What if it works!?

Our lives are driven by many factors, but whatever drives you is taking you to a destination. Do you know where your decisions are taking you? Have you thought about it?

Many of us get on the train, buss or plane and hop to work every day without thinking much about anything else except that we are going to do a job that we don’t have any real interested in, and then coming home to start living our lives – only by that point we have no more energy to do what we really  love to do because we’ve spent it already doing something out of obligation rather than desire; or at least without any real strategy behind it.

Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

5 thoughts on “Are you where you want to be in life?

    1. Thanks for your comment Marc! It’s always encouraging that someone can relate to it. Everyone has their own opinions and that’s cool. I write for myself anyway, and if someone can be encouraged, or get value from it = Bonus! I believe in it.. 🙂

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