The power of choice

Watch this powerful music video by Rudimental. It’s a powerful and moving story of how our choices can lead us on two very different paths.

Which leads me to the conclusion that it doesn’t matter how you start in life, it matters how you finish. Every day we make choices that affect our tomorrow, which means we have the power to choose how tomorrow looks.

What you do today will flow into the Friday and so forth, so even if some challenges come your way today, how you respond to them will determine the altitude of your tomorrow.

We can choose many things today. Some of these may be:

– hope or depression

– love or hate

– kindness or selfishness

– curry or soup

– boots or flats

– press on or give up

– give or don’t give

– positive or negative

They are greatly varied;  but big or small they all add up. Here’s a good question to ask ourselves daily – are the decisions we make leading us to where we want to go in life?

Rudimental- Not Giving In from Josh Cole on Vimeo.

Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

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