Cake in a Jar

I had a completely different blog planned for The Social Exchange this week. However, I decided to write about something off the cuff, so be prepared. This is a little bit of a brain dump post. Today, I decided to write about this:


There’s nothing special about this except maybe that it’s pretty, multi-coloured and probably full of sugar and E numbers. This is simply cake in a jam jar. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve not thought too much about eating cake from a jam jar and yet as the cupcake market (in my opinion) becomes saturated and most likely hit it’s peak, the question begs what’s next for the cake industry. Well on researching the current market share for the cake industry, (yes I am a geek like that) here is what I found:

If you managed to read that you would have read that the industry is facing a few challenges of it’s own at the moment, although the cake category did show some growth by 1.1%. So what does all this mean, and what am I getting too?

Well, first, I included the above clip from a well-respected industry report as it confirms my thoughts on how the consumers buying pattern has changed; And secondly, why I believe believe that this, cake in a jar, is the next big thing. Yes, tt’s nothing new, in fact if you look online it’s already circulating pinterest, and various sites and blogs in America – the pioneers who revived the cupcake and the whoopie pie, in recent times.

I believe cake in a jar is the next innovative thing to show up for two reasons:

  1. It’s innovative
  2. It’s innovative

We love things in a box! I love things in a box. It makes us feel special. We have become crazed with shopping online and the packaging of little boxes from companies like Amazon, Graze, Moo, and others. because it makes us feel special. It’s a shot in the dark, but I’m pretty sure I’m right on this. As the economy has tightened our spend, we are way more careful in what and how we spend our pennies, and we are more likely to spend it on something that makes us feel special, or on something that we really really like than to spend it on something that is simply average.

I was a subscriber to Graze for a few months and loved awaiting that small and slim brown package filled with healthy treats, and I am still obsessed with purchasing from Amazon and for similar reasons. Cake in a jar excites me, and I’m willing to bet it will excites you too. Even if you still say no right now, like with most things, there is a tipping point and I’m I believe cake in the jar is just about to be called upon, by the cake consumers of this fine country!

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