Start lean, and keep them keen.

This should be the statement and attitude of all start-up business. Borrowing money, paying for leads, paying to sit and have a coffee with someone may work and be beneficial for some; however, to me this makes no sense at all.

Surely we ‘business owners’ want to be adding value and not subtracting it; and the best way to do this, is to add quality not quantity?

What do you think?


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2 thoughts on “Start lean, and keep them keen.

  1. Can you expand on your statement as I would like to know more about your views on the direct link between your first and second paragraph ?

    “quality over quantity” usually would refer to a product or service.

    I would say in order to achieve quality in a product or service you either need to spend more capital on either buying better quality resources or spend time and money on research.

    Therefore, a lot of the time you will need to invest capital in quality. The saying..,,you need to spend money, to make money.

    Yes, us start-ups need to be lean with our costs, but you have to be realistic about spending money to achieve quality.

    1. Hey Chris! Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Sorry I’ve not replied before now, but things have been a little crazy setting up shop. I totally agree that we must be willing to spend money, to make money. This post was a little bit of blowing off steam regarding frustrations of another friend who has gone and invested hundreds of precious pounds into what I call ‘a leaking pot.’

      The link between the two paragraphs is simply suggesting that perhaps we should spend our pounds on finding ways to add quality and value to our customers, rather than spending large quantities of our limited resources (which in my experiences most start-ups begin with small budgets) to sit down with a handful of people who may, or may not be able to help us gain any return on the fat cheque we handed over at the door.

      For me I just don’t see why we need to spend heaps of money to spend time with people when we’re surrounded by thousands of people every day. Why don’t we just go talk to people. Meet them for a coffee? On top of that social media has opened a window of opportunity that is FREE, and provides access routes into all kinds of influential people and industries.

      I know people who have seen some benefit from these memberships, but I also know people who have lost hundreds of pounds and momentum too. To me, it’s like paying for someone to hang out with us. I totally get the heart behind the business men and woman who invest in clubs like these; but for me personally – I don’t see the value. Hope that expands enough.

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