Experience is better than inspiration

As fresh as this lesson is I decided to share and add value to the blog that I have now been committed too for over eight months and one hundred and nineteen posts later (one hundred and twenty if you count this one) – It may not be a long time, concerning this blog, but my point is not relative to this blog – Rather to explain the progression of the following two phrases:

‘It’s better to embrace the process of your goal, than reject it. In the end, you will get there faster.”

“Experience has taught me better.”

I have come to the understanding that as much as it’s good to be inspired, and have the ability to inspire others; it’s worth far more to have the experience to back up the inspiration for a product, or service or business idea. Depending on your industry or goal this will vary; but by the same token I’m not saying that we have to be an expert in any specific field either.

People change careers all the time, so if your stuck in a job or an industry you don’t like – Great news! You can change!  You just need to position yourself for that change, and when things have the potential to overwhelm – breathe and embrace the process. I heard someone say once, if it looks bad, then it’s not the end yet. There have been many areas in my own life when things haven’t looked great – we all have them, but I have finally concluded that it’s actually better to have gone through stuff and gained the experience good or bad, (even the bad can be turned for good). It is better to be season in life, or in the market you aim to succeed in first; and then inspire others from a position of strength.

Rather than hide from what we do not know, or try to pump ourselves up, I reckon it pays more to be honest and put my hands in the air when I do not know something. At the end of the day, Steve Jobs never designed the iPhone, he just facilitated it and asked the right questions.

We make a mistake if we agree with these ideas, and then at the mention of Steve Jobs or others who have ‘accomplished’ something, and respond ‘yeah well I’m not Steve Jobs.’ For some reason our Scottish culture hasn’t always been good to us. In my own opinion and experience, my nation is filled with exceptional talented, loyal and friendly people to any other nation, but sometimes when it comes to cheering on our own, we can struggle.

I have come to appreciate that whilst there maybe certain areas, or things have not gone my way in life before, maybe it was all for a good reason and maybe if it wasn’t for those set backs – I wouldn’t be who I am today, or doing what I’m doing.

Most things in life involve process, and often that process varies in time, skill and involvement, however; I do believe that through watching the lives of those gone before me, we must not reject process, instead embrace it and we will get where we need to go faster.

By no means have I arrived yet, or do I expect to get things right 100% of the time, but I do aspire to become more and more a person of character – Someone who inspires not just with fancy and impressive words, thoughts or ideas; Rather to be known as someone who has lived, been through the highs and low’s and inspires from a place of experience, not emotion.

Like the good old saying goes, ‘we must practice what we preach.’

Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

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