Making new friends

Friendship can be a daunting process for anyone; let alone for growing business, in our social evolving world.

Today I thought that I would share three quick tips on how to build relationships, with your consumer online via your social media channels.

1. Be Real – no fakers, or haters please. I’m not suggesting ways to manipulate your consumers in any way shape, or form. If you are up front, and genuine then everyone knows where they stand, in order to appreciate, show value and respect.

2. Be a listener first, talker second – The simple recipe to making friends in any environment is simply to respond to what the other person is saying. Often listening helps, or looking for a common connector. Being real, and showing honest interest is a great way to start making friends online.

3. Be Bold – There are a few businesses out there that in my opinion that are still shying away from social media, and any of its relatives; in the hope that it will all blow away, and they don’t actually need to do anything about it. As I always say, this is far from happening any time soon, so get on it, and get talking! I understand making the first move can be daunting, but like the good old Nike ad says: “Just do it!”

You have to be a friend, in order to make a friend.

Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

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