How to build a successful social organisation

Three thoughts on what it takes to build a social organisation:

1. Embrace collaboration

This is not the time to be a jack of all trades – unless you are extremely good at that role and have been practicing for some time. We must open ourselves up to the idea of working with other skilled professionals, and be secure in that choice, which co-insides with my philosophy; Soar with your strengths, and delegate your weakness.

Hot tip – If you haven’t already heard, let me be the first to introduce you to the rise of the freelance, and collaborator.

2. Choose leadership, over management

The difference between both is influence. The level of influence you have will determine the altitude of your team, company, brand, and organisation.

3. Nail your social strategy to the core of your business

Social media should not be a flirting thought by now. There should be no question on how important is Google+ – It is extremely important. If you want to be alive in a years time, (which is a generous amount of time) then make sure you take each of these three thoughts, and drill them deep into the centre of your organisation. Bolting them onto the side of your business will not work. These are core essentials, and relevant to anyone looking to build, or grow business in 2012.

Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

6 thoughts on “How to build a successful social organisation

  1. Insightful blog- I’m particularly fond of point 3. Full integration of social media into the core strategy of any business should now be of paramount importance…

    1. Yes, I am also a huge fan of point three. In fact, I’m currently working on a social media project that will help organisations integrate all three points on a practical level. I noticed that you have a university email address. Have you noticed any change, or movement within your university that relates to point three?

      1. That sounds like an interesting project, and one that I’m sure many organisations would find useful. As I’m a final year, social media has has only started to come to the fore / shows its importance within the last year. The impression I got, was that a lot of companies saw social media as a threat- more than likely caused by an ignorance of the medium and an unwillingness to change.

        As business have now started to adopt social media, in its many forms, it is starting to become on of the core growth strategies, i.e. considerable time is now spent trying to market products and services using social media, alongside traditional advertising efforts. I have also seen companies producing guides for employees, telling them exactly what they can and can not post on their employers website. Perhaps this is an example of the bolt on attitude, whereas social media should infact be embraced as an inevitable culture shift?

      2. Interesting that they should wait until your finial year before introducing social media… I do believe that many companies, and education establishments are still uncertain of the medium, and resisting the inevitable change. Others, as you have mentioned are dipping their toes in the water, with a bolt on attitude that is frustrating to watch. They’re just scared of losing control, and that’s fair enough. It will take more time for some than others to adjust, learn, and adapt. However; adapt them must, if they are to survive.

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