Make it personal

I woke up to this beautiful video note from Starbucks today. Check it out:

This is both a lesson, and an illustration on where business is going in 2012 and beyond. Watching this video left me with rather large smile across my face, and a refreshing sigh of relief that someone is catching on to the customer matters truth that many brands still seem to think is a myth.  When you watch this clip you get a real sense of the Starbucks message. People see through fake campaigns, it’s not enough just to say you do something, people must experience it to believe, and to keep coming back.

If you want to make your business successful in 2012, make it personal. Re-engineered tweets just won’t do. People want to feel special, and accepted by their brands in the same way they seek from relationships with their friends, partners or family.

From gadgets, to social media, and everything in between make sure you make it personal.

If you like many struggle to manage your social media, or blogging for business, then why not call in the armed forces for help!

With experience in SEO Copywriting, blogging, social media training and consultancy I have strategized,  managed and participated in multiple projects social media/SEO projects from vast number of industries. If you would like my help on any of the services above, or simply have a question you would like to ask, then please find me on Twitter @leemac85

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Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

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