The Opportune Moment

The opportune moment are those moments in time that require a decision to be taken, or a choice to be made that could very well be the defining factor to that particular part of the journey you are on. Literally, you could apply this to any area. We’ve all had defining moments before, from the moment you choose your subjects in high school, to the decision you made to leave school, go to university, go on a date with your partner. We make choices every day that define our tomorrow, it’s just sometimes we don’t see the results until we’re further down the line.


Anything worth building in life requires a choice, and with that choice comes the understanding of a time frame that will undoubtedly take you in one direction, or another. Time frames are crucial because they determine the amount of time a project, or campaign, or dream needs in order for growth, and fruition. The thought I want to share, stir and leave you with today is; Are you prepared for those moments in life that suddenly appear? The unexpected opportunities that life has a way of thrusting upon us, demanding a decision in one way, or in another. I wonder…

Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

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