What have you set out to achieve this year, and are you still heading in the right direction? It’s too easy with the demands of life and work to get distracted, and lose focus. That is why, I believe, writing things down has power.

Like a map to the road, are our thoughts to our feet. Make sure you take intervals to recollect, reflect and perform a stocktake on your digital marketing strategy.

Here are two trends you may want to take stock of for your organisation this year;

1. Context is in

I wrote an article last year highlighting some of the trends I believe we’d see take centre stage in the world of marketing, and business this year. One of the key areas I believed would shift from the content is king principle, to context is king. This was mostly to do with the steep rise in social media, and the need for companies to step up their game and interact with their customers in social sphere in order to grow both online and offline.

We’ve now seen this begin to roll out as Google+ for example took further steps to personalise search results, which now incorporates relevant search information from social sites; namely their own site Google+. Have you got a Google+ account yet? If you’re a business, make sure you set it up as a business page, and not a personal account. Find out more here.

2. Content is still king

This phrase isn’t new to the online world. Most marketing agencies will tell you that whenever you’re looking to participate in any SEO strategy. Make sure you write relevant content for the end-user, and advise against writing content for the search engines; and overloading that content with your chosen keywords.

Check out Google blog post announcing their promotion of fresh content, back in November. They aren’t messing when it comes to having original content on our websites, blogs etc. The freshness of your content, and your site counts today more than ever.

Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

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