Pushing through the pain

We all have pain spots in life. Those are the irritable touch points of life, like having a partner with an annoying bad habit, or getting up before dawn to go run on a treadmill at the gym, when you really want to be fast asleep in bed… but those aren’t the kind of pain spots I’m talking about really.

I’m talking about pushing through the pain of finishing something. Sometimes when we have a dream, or an idea we just want to be there now. Sometimes when we’ve said yes to doing something, we regret our commitment half way through.

Whether that’s taking on a new client, or renewing an old client; even when we knew they were sticky from our last encounter. It’s good to finish what we start; and sometimes in life and in business we are required to push through those pain spots until breaking point is reached.

And I’m not talking about breaking point as in, losing the plot. The breaking point I’m referring to would be better likened to those specially made windows of glass used in the fire alarm devices we see strapped to the walls, in public places. You know the ones… The ones with the dot in the centre to illustrate the weakest point of the glass…

Whatever that breaking point means for you, let’s remember what pain spots really are: Spots. The dictionary definition of a spot explains that spots are a particular place, or point; or a small amount of something. This suggests to me that pain spots are seasonal, not permanent, and won’t last.

So don’t quite half way through! Even when things are out with your responsibility. That difficult client situation could in the end teach you something more valuable if you let it; even if it’s as simple as how to deal with a similar client in the future, or what not to agree to perhaps.




Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

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