Mistaking delay for failure

Stuck on the topic of failure, and recommended by a friend. I found this fantastic blog post, “Because we never failed,” written by a very successful internet marketer, Danny Brown.

Danny raises a great point, which he draws from the example of childhood dreams that; “Just because something didn’t happen doesn’t mean it’s a failure.”

We must be comfortable enough to realise that not everyone is going to agree with our ideas initially, or even at all. That doesn’t mean we’ve failed either. It just means we are of a different opinion, and that’s OK.

We shouldn’t be trying to get everyone to agree with us, only the ones that the subject, product, service, or idea is relevant too.

And Likewise, not everyone agreed with Colonel Sanders, (founder of fast food chain KFC) straight away either. At least not until after his recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken was rejected over 1000 times.



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