The importance of margin

I love the definition of margin, in its noun form, which says; “the space around the printed or written matter on a page.”

Other common words used in this context are: boundary, limits, perimeter, scope, room to maneuver, or space. However; for today I would like to use the word margin. I wonder what you consider the definition of margin to be, and if at all you do, apply this to your life?

Whether you’re putting together a mission statement for your business, or figuring out how to juggle life; and getting the balance of business and pleasure right. Leaving space for margin is vital.

Here’s a few thoughts on margin, and what I believe it can do for you:

1. In theory – Margin helps creativity

There is a reason why a place like Apple, Google, or Facebook are popular places to work. They leave room for their employees to create. Everything from the design of your office, to the position of each table, to the posture of staff contributes to the success of their company. An environment that creates room for growth not just for themselves, but for the people they employee, in my opinion, increases their potential to rise to the top.

2. Practically – Margin keeps you healthy

It’s true in almost anything that if you don’t create a balance between work, and family then one or both will suffer. Creating space for yourself, your family, and your work can be trying at times, but we must not ignore the importance of sleep, eating healthy, and having fun.

If you are reading this blog. I would like to thank you for your comments and participation, and for filling out your email address to subscribe to The Social Exchange. I hope your finding this useful, and would love to encourage you again to leave your comments, or suggest any topics you’d be interested in covering more, or less??

Also, if this has helped encourage and inspire you, and you think it could do so for your friends, then please feel free to share this blog across your networks too. My motivation is simply to encourage, and inspire others in their journey.

Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

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