Learn, Change and Adapt.

Inspired by Mark Hendrickson’s post-mortem of Plancast I thought I’d share with you three steps to take once you’ve failed.




It’s what the marines do, and it’s what any great leader does. The truth is in business there is risk, and without it; well there is no business. At least not one that’s scalable anyway – in my opinion, of course.

I often go on about learning to fail, which co-insides with my firm belief that failure is never final. However; it would be foolish of me to say that failure is a good thing, if we do not learn from it. There is nothing to be found in the land of familiarity that hasn’t already been discovered, so why stay there?

There is a great quote by one of my favourite authors Joyce Meyers that says: “A dream and a pencil can take you anywhere.” Whilst this is true, and inspiring. Every dream will have its challenges, and trials and sometimes it won’t happen in the time frame you thought, or even in the way you had planned. We must be flexible enough in the pursuit of our dream to learn from the mistakes we make along the way, change what needs to change, and adapt to get up and try again.

Did you know that most millionaires go bankrupt at least once?

Change begins in our minds, and adapting is the aftermath of a changed mindset.  Learn, change and adapt; won’t you?

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