Feel the fear, and do it anyway.

Whether you’re attempting to start a business, or own a multi-million business everyone has experienced moments of fear on some level.

Fear of the unknown, fear of risk, afraid of doing it wrong or failing. Like I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, we shouldn’t be scared of failing. We should learn to love it.

Whatever stage your business is at, don’t be scared of social media, or blogging. You need to embrace it because it’s not going away. Take the plunge, and give it ago. You won’t know until you try. Of course these are just the lessons I am learning, and gaining through my own experiences.

The best way to know if something works or not, it’s to try it. Think of it like dipping your toe in the water, before you dive into the pool.

Although I am talking to start-ups, or businesses that have yet to make the switch to Social Media; this post is applicable for everyone, from every background.

Oh, and one last thing. When it comes to blogging for business;

  1. Get one – Last year was the year to get one, so get one fast, and start sharing. This year it’s all about context.
  2. Be as consistent as you can – Choose a timeframe, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly and stick too it.
  3. Be as relevant as you can to your industry. No sales talk. Think about what your consumers would be interested in.
  4. Have fun, and be creative. Video is huge, and QR codes are going to be huge. Sorry to all designers out there. They may not be pretty, but they’re already on the increase in the US. If you haven’t already seen them on a billboard or magazine, they look like this:20120118-000211.jpg

You can check out YouTube, and WordPress for tutorials on how to do that. (Note to self you must switch domains asap).

If you like this blog. Please don’t forget to leave a comment, or share your thoughts, (even if you don’t like it. I’d love to hear what, and why). You can also subscribe to this blog by entering your email in the top right hand side, (so you wont miss out).

I’ve got some really exciting news about to break blog readers. All will be revealed within the next two weeks!! Look forward to sharing with you soon.

Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

3 thoughts on “Feel the fear, and do it anyway.

  1. QR codes are great. I am getting one put on the side of my new boat, as well as other mobile places to draw traffic to my businesses. I all ready have them on my cards with great success

    1. I love that you’re getting one on the side of your boat! Very creative! Is a black code, or have you customised it? I’m quite surprised at how slow businesses have been in adopting the codes into their strategies. Glad it’s working for you though.

      I’m starting to see them filter through in magazines etc, but they’re usually plain black ones. I use a purple one on my cards.

  2. I played with different colors and trying to incorporate it into a design for the side so its not as strange looking. I tried to make the actual code Yellow to match the highlights on the boat, and then just have it on a black background. It didnt seem to scan on my tests though so I reverted back to black on yellow background.

    The link will take people to this page here


    I would love to hear any ideas you may have for placement or design!

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