Labeling matters.

Our office received an early Christmas present from Santa this week: a brand new ‘laser’ printer. Words cannot describe my happiness of a printer that works when asked.

As I was printing away, some unimportant documents, I realized that I was printing on gloss paper instead of your average office print paper. Overhearing a conversation that requested a paper divider to avoid confusion,(One was clearly more expensive than the other, and both were used for different purposes, so it made sense). One lady suggested the trays be labelled: good paper, bad paper.

Now here’s my tip for marketing, social media, any kind of business, project, relationship or just general life principle.

If you label the paper good and bad, most people will pick up the good and ignore the bad. Its psychology, right. If you would rather save the more expensive paper for special occasions then perhaps you should label the trays: good, and even better that way people are more likely to pick up the even better option, which not only saves the office a ton of money, but avoids sending out a negative message that says, you’re not valued enough.


Published by Leanne

Social media manager for Oxford University Press. Entrepreneur and writer. Here to inspire.

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